Consignment is a contract that allows Bryson’s to sell the consignor’s (aka Seller’s) merchandise with set markdowns. Once the items sell, we split the proceeds 50/50, and checks are mailed out monthly for all items sold for the previous month’s sales.

Yes, we work with a variety of services depending on the required need, large or small, and all movers are independently licensed and insured. There is a charge for pickup; however, you do not have to pay upfront. We will pay your upfront fees and wait until your items sell; then, our system will automatically reimburse us for the delivery charge. This charge can range from a flat charge for a few items to an hourly charge for a full home. However, we will need to know where and what we are picking up. Our charges are posted in store and do fluctuate with rising costs of (COMMERCIAL INSURANCE AND FUEL COST). However, if you know anyone who will work for free, please let us know, as we have so much work they can do.

Your time, emails, texts, phone calls and dealing with strangers at your home or the inconvenience of meeting somewhere in public have now started to become a concern. Dealing with scammers, moments of concern and safety has become the new concerns of people today.

This question has been asked since consigning started. Simply, there is no correct answer. Every person is different, and every person has a different need or want. Every item we select is based on time and our ability to know what most are looking for. We have a good idea of what they are not. Remember, you are asking us to sell an item you don't want anymore. Furniture and style change every year, and there is no crystal ball.

Our contract time is 90 days. From the start of your first day, we will make sure you have a copy of the contract, either in person or by email. You will have a start date, an end date, and a fire sale date. These dates are for you to keep up with, so you will know exactly when you need to contact us.

We have looked into this and found that 70% of people will call regardless, ranging from “I don't understand why after a week it’s still there” to “I forgot my password”. The answer will be that it’s only been a week to “it’s your password we wouldn't know this”. “Why pay for this”? If you can think it, it’s been asked.

The fire sale simply means a fire sale! Please do something to make it sell. Reality is that everyone is cheap. Rich or poor, everyone wants all their money back what they paid, but also want another item for less. This is a normal part of life, and, since we can't change this or make it work in your favor, we decided to have you involved towards the end, especially if you have moved away or downsized and cannot take your items back. This date is 2 weeks prior to your end date you have to call us to authorize your fire sale.

At the 90th day of the contract your unsold items will need to be picked up or have them donated, or given to your friends in the middle of the night. In the end it’s yours and we want you to have it back. We give everyone a 5 day grace period to pick up all unsold items. We don't reconsign items again for an additional 90 days. We want you to have your items back. However, at the 96th day, we will consider your items abandoned and property of Brysons.